Submission Policy

The web site is a communication tool to transmit information to the Arkansas Tech University campus community and to increase community outreach by making more venue space available to public community events and share community news on a real time basis.  The following editorial policy guidelines apply to achieve this goal as well as establish consistent policies on submissions and content.

  • The web site is designed to provide a means of communicating information to members of the Arkansas Tech University campus community.  It is run solely for the benefit of the Arkansas Tech University community, which is composed of faculty, staff, students and administration.
  • All decisions on news propriety, story placement, publication date, and use of photography is in the sole discretion of the Editorial Board.  Decisions about publishing and promoting other community events and groups will be made, space permitting, at the sole discretion of the Editorial Board.  Publicizing this information is done as a community service and the Editorial Board reserves the right to accept, reject, or edit for brevity submissions from non-Arkansas Tech University entities.
  • News and feature stories on people and organizations providing recognition of excellence in performance and which primarily promote Arkansas Tech University and Arkansas Tech University sanctioned events will be a point of emphasis.
  • News coverage and content will conform to the requirements of Federal and state law as well as Arkansas Tech University policy. The contents of this website will conform to applicable regulations and laws relating to libel and copyright. We will not post any threatening, obscene, or pornographic information of any kind.  No content that constitutes or encourages conduct that would constitute a criminal offense or give rise to civil liability will be posted.
  • News reporting will be factual and objective.  News stories will be copyedited for factual accuracy by two editorial board members prior to publication.
  • News coverage will avoid morbid, sensational, or alarming details not necessary to factual news reporting.
  • News writing will distinguish between fact and opinion.  When an opinion is expressed, the source will be identified.
  • This website will keep members of the Arkansas Tech University campus accurately informed about matters affecting the campus and its constituents.
  • News and editorial content will provide information to all members of the Arkansas Tech University campus and community to improve the quality of their lives and thereby the effectiveness of the faculty, staff, students and administration.
  • This web site will not display political advertising.
  • Event announcements published on this web site must be made available to all readers without regard to race, religion, sex, national origin, marital status, or disability.
  • All submissions must include the writer’s full name, telephone number, hometown and e-mail address for our files.  If we determine that the writer’s name is fictitious, we will disqualify the item from being posted.
  • Anonymous submissions will not be considered.  Submissions with improper language or libelous references will not be posted.   The Editorial Board reserves the right to choose which submissions will be acceptable to appear on the site.
  • The elements of the web site will be updated in a timely manner that reflects the news cycle and natural course of newsworthy event on the campus.   In order to ensure adequate coverage or advertising of an event, information should be submitted to the Editorial Board no later than one week prior to the event.
  • All copy submitted to the editor will be rewritten as needed to ensure it conforms to journalism guidelines for news writing.  This includes conforming to the guidelines in the Associated Press Stylebook and appropriate story length.
  • The Editorial Board will determine the location and manner in which an item is presented on the web site.
  • A brief description of the action pictured, the date of the photo, the names of the people featured in the photo, and the name of the photographer should accompany photos.