Student Stories: Emily Torrealba

Your name?

Emily Georgina Torrealba

Your major?

Mechanical Engineering

Your hometown?

Arlington, Texas

What are you studying?

In my studies, I’m learning to use my creativity to make the world a safer, more functional, and livable place.

What’s your passion?

Women in STEM. I love providing a network for minority students on campus to inspire one another to be successful in their classes and future jobs. I want to let the world know anyone can learn anything; no one has to stay in the box that society puts them in.

ATU student Emily Torrealba wears a sleeveless green top and bluejeans

Why did you choose ATU?

I found out about Tech through my uncle, Dr. Mark Reavis, who works as a professor in the school of Business. I completed an application and was offered a scholarship and a chance to study what I loved! I knew Tech was the place for me.

What’s been your favorite on-campus memory so far?

Receiving the RSO President of the Year award for my work with the ATU Women in STEM group! Also, walking the football field with my dad as a member of the 2017 homecoming court.

Your favorite place to study?

I am a member of the TRIO program on campus and I enjoy using the computer lab to study.

How is ATU prepping you for the future?

Even as a freshman, Tech has given me the opportunity to be a leader. I had the chance to start a student organization and create a positive change in the lives of students involved. I am confident that when I graduate and begin working, I can take the management and organizational skills I have learned here and be successful in my career.

Any favorite professors?

I definitely have to name two! Dr. Johnette Moody and Dr. John Watson. These individuals have invested in my life and in my success at school. Dr. Moody gave me the chance to start Women in STEM by enthusiastically taking on the role as its academic adviser, and Dr. Watson generously gave the Women in STEM group a chance to study abroad in Japan. They both believed in me as a student, and I will always be grateful for them!

Your favorite class so far?

Statics. This subject came very naturally to me and I enjoyed studying it.

Your go to food at the caf?

I have perfected the art of salad making! Ha Ha! I try to get as many vegetables as I can.