Many college students aspire to start their own businesses or become their own bosses; however, there is usually a caveat: someday. It’s understandable. Taking the risk and making the jump can be scary. 

What if you run out of money? What if you mess up? What if no one wants what you have to offer? What if you fail? But then again, what if you don’t? 

Despite the fears, some of our students have chosen not to wait until someday and they are boldly pursuing their passions now. On this Labor Day, we want to take time to recognize these determined student entrepreneurs and their knack for pursuing innovative solutions while bettering themselves. We see you putting in the work. Keep inspiring. Keep dreaming. Keep hustling.

Jade Cook – Jade’s Decals

Jade Cook is the owner and operator of Jade’s Decals, a small business that creates a variety of customized merchandise sold through Instagram, Facebook, and Etsy. She is a Digital Marketing Major but she began her business venture when she was a senior at Pottsville High School. Upon graduating from ATU, Jade aspires to become a social media manager and own her own digital marketing business.

“I have always been a super hardworking girl, and when I do something, I do it with my whole heart. My business is the best thing that’s ever happened to me and I strive every day to improve it & make it better! The hardest part about owning my own business is time management, but it’s so worth it! The most rewarding aspect is all the wonderful customers I have gotten to make friendships with! I have made some best friends from my business!” 

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Parker Odom – P&A Computer Services

Parker Odom is the creator of P&A Computer Solutions, an IT Computer support company for college students and the Russellville community. Parker is a junior Information Technology major from Jonesboro, Arkansas. After graduation, he aspires to continue to provide IT support by growing and expand his company.

“I have always been passionate about IT, and after 3 years of working for an IT small business in Jonesboro, I knew I wanted to do the same. I saw the reward in helping people with technology and thought that my skills could be used to provide lots of college students who need higher-level repair and support. Every time I can help a new client it is the most rewarding feeling.” – Parker Odom

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Brianna Sparks – CROWN + CLAY

Brianna Sparks is the owner of CROWN + CLAY – through this business sells her handmade polymer clay jewelry. A Russellville native, Brianna is a sophomore majoring in Rehabilitation Science. Brianna started making jewelry in April while in quarantine, got her business license soon after, and created an e-commerce website to start selling from in July. After graduation, Brianna hopes to attend Occupational Therapy school to obtain a doctorate in OT.

“At first, it was just going to be for myself and my close friends, but it quickly grew. I always loved fashion, so this was a perfect creative outlet for my fashionista side! The most challenging part of being a business owner is definitely time management. I’m the only one who makes these earrings, so being the maker, seller, picture-taker, social media owner, editor, customer service, etc., can definitely be overwhelming at times. However, it makes it all worth it when I see people rocking my earrings! My customers are single-handedly the most rewarding part of my business!”


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