Statement from ATU President Dr. Robin E. Bowen

Dr. Robin E. Bowen
Dr. Robin E. Bowen

Arkansas Tech University President Dr. Robin E. Bowen released the following statement on Sunday, May 31:

I know that many Arkansas Tech University faculty, staff, students and alumni have joined me in closely following the events related to the death of George Floyd in Minnesota and the national response that has ensued. I keep hoping that we as a nation are getting closer to being our best selves living in a truly just society. I am ashamed and incredibly saddened when I see, once again, how very far we yet have to go.

To ALL of our faculty, staff, students and alumni, we understand the need to be heard and the right to take a stand through peaceful assembly. If you do choose to participate, PLEASE do so peacefully and in a safe manner, keeping in mind that we are in the midst of a world-wide pandemic and acting accordingly.

I commit to you that at ATU, your voice is heard and your voice is valued. As a university, we must continue a positive dialogue about needed societal change.

We will continue to monitor this developing situation and provide support and continued conversations so that, one day soon, our nation will finally fulfill the promise made by the Declaration of Independence 244 years ago:

“All men are created equal…they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights…among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

Dr. Robin E. Bowen
Arkansas Tech University