Here, experiences are more than a resume builder

It has become apparent to me that no matter the motivation behind choosing each resume builder and new experience, I learn far more than I ever intend to. Arkansas Tech University continues to show me that whether you like it or not, life will make sure you are continually learning and bettering yourself in everything you do. 

Getting involved in my major

Enter Pre-med Club. Once I joined, I was surrounded by upperclassmen in the thick of applying for various professional programs and I knew if I wanted to succeed, I needed to mimic their motions. They encouraged me to spend extra time in lab to really solidify the topics covered in the classroom. Now, I look back and find that my fondest memories are ones spent in the lab surrounded by the people who have been by my side for the past four years.

Science labs equip you with knowledge on things like how to handle chemicals and laboratory safety while increasing your attention to detail. There are many times when I have almost finished a lab only to find that I did not take enough time to get that near-perfect result. The constant handling of minor failures has ensured that I remain humble and I continue to put learned attention to detail into everything I do.

Getting involved in the community

As I was growing up, my parents instilled the practice of serving others in our daily life. I joined organizations in high school that allowed me to give back to the community that gave me so much, and I knew that it was something I wanted to continue to do while in college. Early on in my freshman year, I began searching for organizations that would allow me to serve my community through my passion for STEM.

So, while I work to maintain good grades and understand Chemistry and Biology in these labs, I am also learning valuable life lessons. This same sense of integrated lifetime knowledge follows me in every position I hold, including my work at the River Valley Christian Clinic.

I am the type of person who is easily frightened by the unknown. Plans provide me safety and an expectation for the results of an event. Walking into the clinic every first and third Thursday of the month presents me with a healthy and humbling dose of the unknown. Each time I leave, I am surprised by the connections I make and the lessons I learn.

Connecting your experience to your future career

A specific Thursday stands out in my mind and is the reason I am firm in pursuing a profession in the medical industry. As I was sanitizing instruments in the dental clinic a patient entered and seemed to be very uncomfortable in the atmosphere. Empathizing, I started a conversation with him which quickly turned into a “would you rather” duel.

As a person who loves talking, this was nothing more than a routine conversation to me, but as I reflected on the situation later, I realized that I unintentionally calmed a patient down so that he was finally able to receive his much needed dental care.

This skill will be needed daily as a medical professional. 

By: Lauren Brown
Lauren is a senior biochemistry major from Harrison, AR. After she graduates from ATU, Lauren plans to attend dental school.