Defining Our Why

Dr. Robin E. Bowen
Dr. Robin E. Bowen

Any successful organization must have a clear and accurate definition of its why…the reason that it exists.

We are fortunate at Arkansas Tech University that, due to the leadership of our Board of Trustees and the input of our university community, we have a mission statement that articulates our why. As a refresher, here is that statement in its entirety:

Arkansas Tech University is dedicated to student success, access, and excellence as a responsive campus community providing opportunities for progressive intellectual development and civic engagement. Embracing and expanding upon its technological traditions, Tech inspires and empowers members of the community to achieve their goals while striving for the betterment of Arkansas, the nation, and the world.

When you read that, what key words catch your attention?

Student success and access are fulcrums upon which everything else at Arkansas Tech pivots. Progressive intellectual development illustrates our commitment to lifelong learning, while civic engagement reminds us that we have a responsibility to produce graduates who understand the importance of investing in their communities.

Our technological traditions help us understand that our world is continuously evolving and we must adapt with it. The final words of our mission statement declare that Arkansas Tech has the grit, compassion and innovation necessary to contribute to solutions for humanity’s challenges.

It is important to note that the Arkansas Tech mission statement applies equally to our more than 50,000 living alumni. Are you committed to lifelong learning? Are you empowering others to achieve their goals? What will you do today, this month and this year to make your sphere of influence a better place?

We’re in this together. I’m grateful you are part of the Arkansas Tech University community. Let’s show Arkansas, the nation and the world what we can do.

Dr. Robin E. Bowen
President, for the Tech Action, Spring 2021