ATU-Ozark Hosted NAEMSE Training for Paramedics Professionals

Paramedics Professionals
Paramedics professionals participating in a drill with Dr. Nowlette during the NAEMSE conference at ATU-Ozark.

The Arkansas Tech University-Ozark Campus hosted the National Association of EMS Educators IC 1 courses from September 13-15. Promising paramedic/EMT instructors traveled from across the country to participate in the three-day event. Dr. Chris Nowlette, EdD, NRP, conducted the event, providing insight and valuable knowledge for all attendees. Dr. Nowlette is the director of the EMS program at the at the Riverside (Calif.) Community College-Ben Clark Training Center in Moreno Valley, Calif., and the former president of the NAEMSE.

Topics covered included adult learners, learning styles, discipline, cultural awareness, teaching psychomotor skills and more.

According to, “The National EMS Instructor Courses have been designed and developed in accordance with the DOT/NHTSA 2002 National Guidelines for Educating EMS Instructors & the National Education Standards. The IC1 course represents the didactic component and practical application of the educational process for EMS educators specified in over 40 States EMS Rules for Lead Instructors. The course content provides an introduction to a broad span of educational theory that is heavily reliant on brain-based learning and evidence-based best practices for all levels of experience as an EMS educator.”

Gary Fisher of Indiana traveled to Arkansas to take the course. He shared that his time at ATU-Ozark and the Ozark community was an excellent experience and worthwhile educational investment.

Dr. Nowlette spoke on the conference and his time at ATU-Ozark, stating “The people have been great and the students have been really incredible.”

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