ASBTDC Facilitates Smooth Start for Ice Cream Shop

Geedunk Ice Cream Company

Katalin and Deewayne Marlowe had a vision of bringing “soft serve with a twist” to the people of Russellville.

Consultations with the Arkansas Small Business and Technology Development Center (ASBTDC) regional office at Arkansas Tech University allowed them to convert their vision into the Geedunk Ice Cream Company, a food truck that serves treats Tuesday through Sunday at 200 N. Arkansas Ave.

“The most helpful service we received was having someone to walk us through the start-up process,” wrote the Marlowes when asked about the assistance from the ASBTDC at ATU. “We were given step-by-step instructions, and our questions were answered along the way. Our consultant helped us map out the steps and followed up with us to work through our plan. This sped up the start-up process, which helped us meet our July 4 start-up goal.”

The Marlowes’ family legacy includes service in the U.S. Navy, so they named their business after the term used to describe the snack bar on a naval vessel.

Their heritage also includes ice cream. Deewayne’s father owned an ice cream shop in Ohio that sold treats using Flavor Burst brand syrups. Now, those same syrups are providing ice cream lovers in Russellville with access to a new kind of frozen dairy delight.

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