Alumni Profile: Richard Vint

Alumnus Richard Vint recalls special times at Arkansas Tech

How have you used what you learned at ATU to have success?

Understanding the technical history of the earth‘s natural resources created an efficient learning pathway to comprehend and address solutions to advance ExxonMobil’s investment activity around the globe. My education at ATU provided that critical foundational knowledge, some call it your “intellectual toolkit,” to bring to your profession of choice. That early foundation, learning and maintaining a disciplined approach to your academic interests, and most of all, having fun through learning, were all enhanced through my academic experience at ATU.

Was there a faculty/staff member who had a positive impact on your life?

Without question! Both Drs. Cohoon and Vere had a big impact on my life along with meeting my future wife while at ATU. Their style of lecture, the enjoyment and pragmatism they both brought to the classroom, was unsurpassed. It was an academic style that created a desire to learn. Dr. Vere, in particular, had a passion about the natural sciences where he could show you the beauty of nature even in the smallest, sometimes literally microscopic, environment. The field trips, backpacking, and camping allowed you to translate data from technical reading into the actual natural environment. He was very adept at bridging a technical description into the actual environment where you would discover it.

What makes ATU the special place that it is?

ATU is located in a community we called home for decades, and to this day, still consider it somewhat of a home for both of us. When you leave Russellville and travel and live all over the world like Patricia and I have, then you come to realize the gift of the natural beauty surrounding Russellville and ATU. I feel it can be overlooked or taken for granted. ATU’s growth and development plans reflect that environment. That enriches your experiences there.