A Face from the Student Union

We sat down with Parker Benton, a senior Mechanical Engineering major from Quitman, Arkansas, to learn more about the student staff at Hull Student Union.

Why did you choose ATU?

I gained my first impression of ATU at my visit of Time Out for Tech. In the beginning, it was the clean and open campus that grabbed my attention. As the day progressed and I interacted with more of the staff I noticed the warm and welcoming environment that has been established here. To me, ATU brings together the perfect mix of going to a university and the hometown atmosphere. I fell in love with it after seeing it firsthand.

How did you get involved in working at the Student Union?

I was informed about the job through friends that were already employed by the school that had positive things to say about being a student worker.         

What are the responsibilities of the student staff at the union?

The responsibilities vary between the different job positions, but in general, the workers are tasked with maintaining the cleanliness of the union, overseeing the daily operations and events of the union, and promoting a positive and friendly vibe throughout the union.

Why is a student union helpful for ATU students?

The Student Union was designed with students in mind. No matter if you are doing homework, playing pool, singing along at an open mic night, or meeting at conferences, the Student Union facilitates and enhances the lives of students across campus.

What is your favorite part about your work at the Student Union?

My favorite part about my work at the Student Union is being able to meet and interact with all the new students coming to visit the union.

Benton relaxes in the Hull Student Union common space.

What is something people may not know about the Arkansas Tech Student Union?

Something that people may not know is that almost everything is student-run. The student workers have a say in every decision regarding the union and are allowed to liberally voice and enforce their opinions.

What’s been your favorite memory at the Student Union?

My favorite memory at the Student Union would have to be the entirety of our opening week. Our crew was under a lot of stress making the union a success, and through this stress, we were able to build a bond with each other that is almost like a family.

As the university is seeking donors for an enhanced union space, what would you tell donors about its importance to your education?

I would tell donors that student engagement is a key to student success. Giving students fun opportunities to engage with the college community is a driving factor in compelling students to stay in school.

Finally, why do you love Arkansas Tech?

I love Arkansas Tech because the community that has been established here is so welcoming and friendly whether they are students, faculty, or staff. The warm people at this school are what made me fall in love with Arkansas Tech.