Important Dates for Students

Several important dates are approaching for students enrolled in summer courses at Arkansas Tech.

Friday is the last day to officially withdraw or drop classes with a “W” for full-term courses in the first summer term.

The final day for class during the first summer term is Friday, July 5.

Students enrolling in courses for the second summer term will begin classes on Monday, July 8.

Late registration for the second term is Monday, July 8 and Tuesday, July 9. Those students needing to register should visit the Office of the Registrar to do so.

The final day to add or change full-term courses in the second summer term is Tuesday, July 9.

Courses with dates which are different from the regular term may have different registration, withdrawal and refund dates. Contact the Registrar’s Office at 479-968-0272 for more information.

Access a complete list of important dates on the Office of the Registrar’s website.

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