Talent Search Students Tour ATU Ozark

Over 50 Butterfield Trail 7th and 8th grades who are part of the Talent Search Program received a hands-on tour of Arkansas Tech University-Ozark Campus Thursday.

Talent Search is an educational opportunity program.

“Students enroll in the Talent Search Program because they are interested in going to college,” Nathan Brown, Director of the Talent Search Program in Fayetteville, said. “Many of the students in the talent search program come from first-generation families. Neither parent graduated with a four-year degree so they have started the program early to learn about higher education and the steps necessary to successfully enter college.”

Megan Reese, Counselor for Butterfield Trail Middle School in Van Buren, was thrilled to see her students enjoying the experience.

“I am just excited to have this opportunity because a lot of our kids wouldn’t necessarily get to visit a campus at all and this is only 40 minutes away,” she said. “It is wonderful for them to see the hands on side of things. They are not going into a classroom and seeing a bunch of desks or a bunch of computers. They are seeing equipment and training. I am seeing a lot of kids who weren’t necessarily interested before and now their eyes are lighting up on this tour. It is a really cool feeling as a counselor to see them realize their potential.”

Talent Search is a federal TRIO program funded by the U.S. Department of Education. Serving students in grades 7-12, the program promotes skills and disseminates information necessary for successfully entering college and completing a baccalaureate degree.

Open enrollment is going on now at Arkansas Tech-Ozark. For more information, visit www.atu.edu/ozark, call Student Services at (479) 667-2117 or come by Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. No appointment necessary!

Ozark Campus: Butterfield Middle School Talent Search Students Visit ATU Ozark 3-30-17

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