Arkansas Tech-Ozark receives Regional Workforce Grant

Arkansas Tech University-Ozark Campus has been awarded a $644,000.00 Regional Workforce Grant.

The Regional Workforce Grant program, sponsored by the Arkansas State Legislature, seeks to establish career and technical education programs designed with feedback and input from local area employers and industries. The goal of the program is to provide access to relevant career training in support of regional industries as identified by employers.

ATU-Ozark will utilize these grant monies to increase development in its current automation, robotics and industrial control systems degree program with the additional training in machinist technology and computer-aided drafting.

These skill sets support the manufacturing needs represented in the Arkansas River Valley region. ATU-Ozark recognized the need for machinist training and its relation to the automated systems found in today’s manufacturing.

“Automation is a key component of the future of our industries. ATU-Ozark recognizes and prioritizes automation and its economic role in our river valley region,” stated Arkansas Tech University-Ozark Chancellor Bruce Sikes. “This grant opportunity enables our campus to continue providing relevant educational access to the communities we serve.”

Bartlett Retirement Reception Wednesday

The Arkansas Tech University–Ozark Campus will host a retirement reception for Kathy Bartlett, Administrative Assistant to the Chief Academic Officer, Wednesday, June 13 at 3 p.m.

The reception will take place in the Student Services Conference Center.

Ms. Bartlett joined the ATU-Ozark family in September 2004.

Kathy graduated from Arkansas Valley Vocational Technical School with technical certificate in Business in 1987. She earned a Bachelor of Science in Management from The University of the Ozarks in 1993. She went on to obtain her Masters in Education in Instructional Technology from Arkansas Tech University in 2006. She also is an adjunct instructor, teaching online classes for the Business Technology program since 2007.

Kathy has been a member of The American Business Women’s Association for 24 years. Through her membership she has held many offices and honors including being selected as the 2018 Woman of the Year for the Acropolis Chapter of American Business Women’s Association.

While at ATU Ozark, she has been involved in fund raising and support for programs including; United Way (River Valley and Fort Smith), as an ambassador for the TECH Family Fund, single parent fundraisers such as Casino Night and Beauty and the Beads, and in the Angel Project serving single parents and seniors at the Ozark Nursing Home.

We really appreciate her leadership and dedication. Kathy will forever be a part of the Tech family.

ATU-Ozark and Fort Smith EMS Announce Innovative Partnership

Arkansas Tech University-Ozark Campus and Fort Smith Emergency Medical Services formally announced a new partnership on Monday, June 4, during the dedication of the renovated home for Fort Smith EMS.

U.S. Representatives Steve Womack and Bruce Westerman joined other dignitaries in celebrating the $1.2 million expansion and remodeling of the EMS facility at 3417 Duke Avenue in Fort Smith.

The expansion allowed for the creation of a 2,500-square foot EMS education center in partnership with ATU-Ozark, as well as remodeling of the administration headquarters and an addition of 6,000 square feet of space for ambulances, crew lodging and storage.

“The partnership between ATU-Ozark and Fort Smith EMS allows for an innovative approach to teaching paramedics by increasing accessibility,” said Bruce Sikes, chancellor at ATU-Ozark. “By utilizing technology, ATU-Ozark’s EMS instructors can stream classes to and from the new facility. This is a great development for health care providers and health care recipients in our region.”

Graduates of the paramedic/emergency medical services program at ATU-Ozark are prepared for careers in air and ground emergency medical services, fire departments, medical centers and industry. Dignity, empathy and tolerance are among the personal characteristics the program aims to develop.

“The mission of ATU-Ozark, in partnership with the community, is to provide quality education and training to allow all students to learn the skills and knowledge necessary to become contributing members in the workforce,” said Dr. Michael Murders, chief academic officer at ATU-Ozark. “This extension of our paramedic program into Fort Smith exemplifies what we do. This is a partnership with Fort Smith Emergency Medical Services to provide access to students in Sebastian and Crawford counties, as well as help meet the demands of the Arkansas River Valley EMS and fire services.”

To learn more, contact the ATU-Ozark Office of Student Services at (479) 667-2117.

ATU-Ozark Mourns Loss of Student

A memorial service has been scheduled for Arkansas Tech University student Zachary Watkins, of Ozark.

Watkins, 26, died on Tuesday, May 22.

The family held memorial will be 12:00 PM Saturday, June 2, 2018 at Jethro Pentecostal Church.

Members of the Arkansas Tech community who wish to visit with a counselor may contact the Arkansas Tech Health and Wellness Center at (479) 968-0329.

“On behalf of Arkansas Tech University and the Ozark Campus, I would like to extend our condolences to the family and friends of Zach, said ATU-Ozark Chief Student Officer, Richard Harris. “Please know that you will remain in our thoughts and prayers during this difficult time.”

View Zachary Watkins’ obituary.

Arkansas Tech-Ozark Campus names top achievers for Spring 2018

The Arkansas Tech-Ozark Campus Chancellor’s List recognizes students who complete a semester with a 4.0 grade point average, while the Arkansas Tech-Ozark Campus Honor Roll honors students who complete a semester with a grade point average between 3.5-3.9.

A total of 426 Arkansas Tech-Ozark Campus students earned special commendation for their academic achievement during spring 2018.
The members of the spring 2018 Arkansas Tech-Ozark Campus Chancellor’s List and Honor Roll are:
ALMA — Jessica Anders, Madison, Brown (4.0), Lindsey Burcham, William Burkett, Ryan Gillespie (4.0), Kasey Keith (4.0), Lacey Mann, Elizabeth Ray (4.0), Lonnie Robins, Nickole Shelton (4.0), Brittany Standridge (4.0), Jade Wazelle, Jennifer Word, Ronica Young;

ALTUS — Mary Burkes (4.0), Crystal Carter (4.0), Meleah Detherage (4.0), Deidre Doss, Britney Flanary (4.0), Kailen Harris, DeeAnna Helmert, Cayne Leding, Brenda Rofkahr, Jessica Rogers, Cindel Smith (4.0), Charlotte Waterman, Summer Williams (4.0);

ATKINS — Dustin Ennis (4.0), Emylie Hull, Jeffrey Hull (4.0), Darren Pool (4.0);

BARLING — Taylor Fowler , Karen Glidewell, Kristyn O’Neal (4.0), Michaela Payton;

BOONEVILLE — Monica Adair (4.0), Summer Adair, Whitney Adair, Bonnie Anzalone, Kristin Armstrong (4.0), Madison Bittle, Joshua Burke, Jeffery Dobbs (4.0), Katylin Gillaspy, Shadea, Haines, Leah Herman (4.0),Catherine Horney, Haley Hotubbee (4.0), Cheri Lambert, Jennifer McLemore (4.0), Tiffany Orff, Jarrod Pryor, Hannah Simpson, Angelic Smith, Ellyn-Maree Stevenson (4.0), Joy Terry (4.0), Trina Tillery, Charles Wharton (4.0), Justin Williams;

BRANCH — Samantha Hutchison (4.0), Nina Johnson (4.0), Michael Lloyd, Cory Yates (4.0);

CEDARVILLE — Sarah Cagle;
CHARLESTON — Megan Evans (4.0), Kevin Farley, Kala Hicks (4.0), Harrison Newhart, Taylor Reed, Robert White (4.0);

CHESTER — Tracy Goodwin;

CLARKSVILLE — Brittani Acord, Julie Auterson (4.0), Anahi Bautista, Casey Berry, Lucero Caro (4.0), Jessica Casillas (4.0), Paige Denton (4.0), Maurilio Duran (4.0), Jessica Fales, Joshua Ford (4.0), Juan Garza-Salinas (4.0), Brittany Griggs (4.0), Erin Hardesty (4.0), Belinda Hinojosa-Olguin, Leanna Hoffpauir (4.0), Brittany Holt, Alena Holt, Anna Hover (4.0), Kimberly Hudson, Heather Ingram, Jeison Jeffery (4.0), Emma Knight (4.0), Jessica Lindquist, Edith Magdaleno-Ramirez, Layler Moo (4.0), Carla Murphy (4.0), Benjamin Nix (4.0), Hailey Park (4.0), Alyssa Prindel (4.0), Shawna Ritchie (4.0), Aaron Roman-Murillo (4.0), Susan Sanders, Esmeralda Sotelo (4.0), Crystal Stover, Janet Thurman (4.0), Thein Tun, Brandon Turner, Santiago Uscocovich, Alexis Vaughn (4.0) Emma Wallace (4.0)Addison West (4.0);

COAL HILL — Adrianna Domerese, Chazz Estep, Cortney Reynolds (4.0), Kara Roach;

CONWAY — Deisy Becker (4.0), Victoria Harper (4.0), Nicole McClelland (4.0);

CROSSETT — Cierra Campbell (4.0);

DAMASCUS — Jesse Mann (4.0);

DANVILLE — Michael Beyer (4.0), Kendra Dominguez, Kyle Madden;

DARDANELLE — Laura Andrade (4.0), Cindy Crawford, Lori Cummings (4.0), Alexandra Evans, Mariana Perez, Macey Young;

DOVER — Maggie Cowen, Sara Hughes (4.0), Jordan Myers (4.0), Lauren Riedmueller, Rachael Seward, Abigail Showalter (4.0), Gary Wilbanks;

DYER — Shawn Sutphin;

FAYETTEVILLE — Megan Hauenstein, Robbie McMillan, Amber O’Dell (4.0), Amber Remy (4.0), Rachel Turnbull;

FORT SMITH — Christina Bardes (4.0), Jessica Boggs (4.0), Jennifer Dorey, Ogechi Eke (4.0),
Marisa Felterman, Matthew Fox (4.0), Michael Gibson, Jennifer Golden, Alicia Hanson (4.0), Mario Hernandez, Ladonna Humphries (4.0), Kenneth Jines (4.0), Raimie Kern, Joshua Kinnard (4.0), Brianna Mull, Michael Nguyen (4.0), Karen Olsen, Rosa Perez (4.0), Mary Pitchford, (4.0), Jessica Rackers, James Ratledge (4.0), April Rossetti (4.0), Jodie Santillana, Brandi Scoggins (4.0), Meredith Smithson (4.0), Hayley Turner, Lyric Tye (4.0), Jacob Veach, Karen West (4.0);

GREENWOOD — Rebecca Clayton, Amber Courtney, Jennifer Pearson;

HACKETT — Rebeca Stewart, Brenda Wiley (4.0);

HARTFORD — Rachel Elmore (4.0);

HARTMAN — Tanner Anderson, Dakota Cates (4.0), Mckenna Mainard, Megan Mayeux (4.0),
Dustin Morgan;
HASTY — Jeremiah Smith (4.0);
HAVANA — Haley Taylor, Desiree Turner;
HECTOR — Savannah Bobsin (4.0);
HOPE — Julia Chambless (4.0);
KNOXVILLE — Tara Gould (4.0), Logen Stone (4.0);
LAMAR — Jessica Cook (4.0), Carrie Cowell (4.0), Delenah Curtis (4.0), Rainbow Guillotte, Harvey Norton, Alison Shaffer (4.0;
LAVACA — Emerald Asher (4.0), Melanie Capps (4.0), Leilaunee Cooper (4.0), Rebekah Linville, Ricky Linville, Whitney Young;
LITTLE ROCK — Valerie Bartlett (4.0);
LONDON — Pamela Nigh (4.0), Rebekah Sorrells, Rosemary VanLandingham;
MAGAZINE — Rachel Beeler (4.0), Kalyn Bryan (4.0), Tamar Corley, Rebekah Dobson, Patrick Enoch, Meagan Gooch, Abigail Hammonds (4.0), Natosha Hammonds (4.0), Zachary Kelm (4.0), Destin Kuykendall, Amy Lewis, Shaeffer Loyd, Loren Mathews (4.0), Tammy Smith (4.0);
MANSFIELD — Jessie Todd (4.0);
MARSHALL — Christopher Redding;
MOUNTAIN HOME — Andrea Melton, Logan Waldon (4.0);
MOUNTAINBURG — Jason Hall (4.0), Kyle Harris (4.0),
MULBERRY — Trey Allen (4.0), Jonathan Claybaugh, Cheyann Fields (4.0), Nicholas Fisher, Shandril Hudson, Courtney Hutain, Sarah Kizer, Brittany Lewis, Michael Long (4.0), Dustin Marvin (4.0), Trevor Marvin (4.0), Mariah Massa, Scott McKay (4.0);
NATURAL DAM — Sheryl Bailey;
OLA — Ashley Turner (4.0);
OZARK — Krista Alston (4.0), Rodney Bartlett, Reagan Boren (4.0), Raymond Boston (4.0), Stephanie Bowles (4.0), Sabrina Bowman, Brianna Brison (4.0), Diamond Brockett, Annalee Bullard (4.0), Chastin Cagle (4.0) Reba Cain, Dakota Chapman, Allissa Chesser (4.0), Christopher Christian, Peter Clifton (4.0), Tyler Crooks, Joanna Dall (4.0), Shantel Durham, Kari Edgmon, Jessica Everetts, Ashley Flanary, Elise Goodson, Richard Gragg (4.0), Quincy Gragg, Randy Gunter (4.0), Tammy Hall (4.0), Kobie Hall, Justin Harden, Robert Harden, Britten Harden , Sara Harmon, Peggy Hennessey, Susan Heuton (4.0), Karen Hillard (4.0), Stacie Howe (4.0), Celia Howell (4.0), Karla Hufford (4.0), Laura Hutchison (4.0), Kayla Isbell, Kenley Keith, Angel Kinney, Robert Koller, Emilee Linthacum (4.0), Cheyenne Lyons, Richard Marques (4.0), Jayden McClellan, Kimberly Mcgehee (4.0), Jessica Mefford, Amber Meister (4.0), Connie Melton (4.0), Steven Mitchell, Jeremy Moore (4.0), Aerial Nicely, George Nichols, Nathan Olson, Sarah Patterson (4.0), Kimberly Quaile (4.0), Debora Qualls (4.0), Jonathan Ree, Sara Reid, Jessie Robison (4.0), Brooklashae Roden, Lindsey Sharp (4.0), Maurice Smith (4.0), Zackery Smither (4.0), Sean Stamm (4.0), Kenneth Sturdivant (4.0), Shawn Teague (4.0), Kristina Teer (4.0), Corina Torres (4.0), Taylor Troub (4.0), Emily Upton (4.0), Serena Vanderford (4.0), Brittanie Vierra (4.0), Allyson Walker, Zachary Watkins, Phillip Westbrook;
PARIS — Tyler Atchison, Natalie Ballew (4.0), Jennifer Brittian (4.0), Jonathan Callahan (4.0), Billy Faulkner, Kris Harkey (4.0), Ashley Harris (4.0), Jessica Hess (4.0), Britny Ihle, ShiAnna Million, Victoria Naegle (4.0), Cole Norton, Debra Pack, Heaven Potts, Shelby Willhite, Stevie Wood (4.0);
PLAINVIEW — Carson Smith (4.0), Ady Yates (4.0);
POTTSVILLE — Cameron Ames (4.0), Brittany Titsworth (4.0);
PRESCOTT — Malinda Brinkmeyer (4.0);
RATCLIFF — Bradley Holloway, Ryan Honea, Joseph Ihle, Makaila Moody, Savannah Nye (4.0), Hallie Whitecotton (4.0);
ROGERS — Lindsey Brown (4.0), Jonathan Riddell (4.0);
ROMANCE — Madison Henry;
RUDY — Tristan McDonnor;
RUSSELLVILLE — Savannah Anderson (4.0), Allauna Boone (4.0), Jerrick Brixey, David Burnham, Keila Cabrera Garcia, Megan Duvall (4.0), Kayla Ford (4.0), Valorie Freeman (4.0), Dusty Furr (4.0), Brandon Graham, Mattie Green, Daniel Kailey (4.0), Cade Koch (4.0), Graham Lair, Alaisa Morgan, Eric Newbold, Kristen Patterson (4.0), Khanthalyxay Rasavong (4.0), Hannah Schurtz (4.0), Hayden Simpson, Benjamin Stoltz (4.0), Trakia Tucker (4.0), Twylia Weatherall, Salena Wingard;
SCRANTON — Kendra Bailey, April Gay, Brooke Graves (4.0), Lana Hall (4.0), Lisa Snow (4.0);
SHERWOOD — Constance Williams (4.0);
SPRINGDALE — Brandy Merrell, April Pine;
SUBIACO — Elena Carter (4.0), Rochelle Hern, Amanda Kremers (4.0), Stacey Phillips (4.0), Steven Schluterman, Jesse Varnell (4.0);
VAN BUREN — Gilberto Anaya Hernandez, Pamela Audlin (4.0), Samantha Bell, Katherine Blackwell (4.0), Anessa Bonner Katherine Bowling (4.0), Ashley Boyd, Donnellie Burton, Jamison Collins, Ginger Dye (4.0), Michael Fisher, Christina Fontaine (4.0), Jessica Gray, Maycee Grebe (4.0), Ashley Harris (4.0), Christopher Haywood (4.0), Jessica Hightower (4.0), Rebecca Kincer, Jennifer Kipp (4.0), Robert Makepeace, Samantha McCann (4.0), Susan McCluney, Jaime Mills (4.0), Jessica Norried (4.0), Sonya Parks, Samantha Perkins, Katrina Rogers, Cody Russell, Courtnee Schaeffer, Ciara Stillwell (4.0), Carl Vincent (4.0), Kyle Wheeler (4.0), Brittany Willis, Pantao Xiong;
WALDRON — Lizeth Falcon, Travis May (4.0), Benjamin Gainer (4.0);
POCOLA, OKLA. — Daron Baukman (4.0), Diane Martin (4.0).