Mariswamy Finds Career Helping Others

Arkansas Tech University alumna Kristina Mariswamy said she loves helping others– something she gets the opportunity to do on a daily basis in her role as project executive for community development projects at a large company.

“I work for the corporate social responsibility department for a multinational company, and I oversee their charity projects under their community development section,” said Mariswamy. “We give funds to a variety of organizations and a variety of causes.”

As a project executive, Mariswamy said she has the opportunity to interact with many of the organizations her company supports.

“I review project proposals received, evaluate them and make recommendations to the board,” said Mariswamy. “I also set up timelines for the projects, ensure the projects are staying on-time and on-budget and prepare quarterly reports to present to the board.”

Mariswamy graduated from Arkansas Tech in May 2012 with a master’s degree in journalism. After graduation, she went on to pursue a career in the field as a writer for a news organization in Malaysia.

“After a year of being on the front-lines and witnessing painful experiences, I wanted to do good,” said Mariswamy. “I saw this job opening and applied. Everyday is about helping a cause, so I get to make a difference in people’s lives every day. That is the best part of my job.”

Mariswamy said her role as a graduate assistant at Tech helped her embrace the gravity of her position.

“While I was at Tech, I worked as a graduate assistant, and I was trusted with lots of responsibility,” said Mariswamy. “That experience taught me to be accountable and dependable. It also allowed me to find ways to be creative with work and how to balance multiple tasks.”

For current Tech students, Mariswamy encourages students to be proactive in their education.

“Participate in activities outside of the traditional classroom,” said Mariswamy. “Also, always volunteer for more within your major.  Sometimes, those experiences are where you learn the most.”

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